Monday, September 29, 2008

Round 4 of the contest is posted! 31 free items & voting!

We are so happy to announce that Round 4 (the final round) in our designer contest has been posted!

Please visit our shop ( ) and download all the entries for free. Pick you FOUR favorite entries for this round and then go here and vote!

You can also visit our gallery and leave comments for the designers
and post layouts with these entries. I know the contestants will LOVE
to hear what you have to say about their work. Smiley

Round 3 voting is still going on too, so if you haven’t downloaded
and cast your vote for round 3, please do so. You can still pick up
the freebies from Rounds 1 & 2, although the voting is closed for
those Rounds!

I hope that you have enjoyed the contest and I look forward to welcoming our new team members!

Thank you all for your votes, downloads and comments. It really helps to know what our customers think!

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