Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St Louis Digi-Gathering

Have you heard about the St Louis Digi-Gathering??? Hummie has been working hard on arranging this digi-gathering and the response has been low.... that means she will have to come up with the money herself for the people who dont sign up. Yes she did take a risk in doing this... but that was the only way the motel would allow her to reserve the room....

SO I would like to present to you a special deal. I want to help Hummie get enough money or registrations. SO if you would like to meet in person with other digi-scrappers please check out the digi-gathering.

If you are unable to attend would you consider making a purchase at my FaithScraps store. I will give Hummie all of my sales to go towards the digi-gathering.... I so want to be able to encourage her in this way! It is all of my designs Old and New - they are all at $1 each.... Plus for the next few weeks, you can buy my store for $10 - one time download (put all in your cart at this one time).... or for $20 you can buy my store - but you will get 4 times to download (you can get all of my designs, including new items from now until the end of April). I am going to be going through my store adding more things over the next few days - so if you see something of mine elsewhere, and it is not in my store - let me know and I will add it.... I just want to get this sale up as soon as possible.

Here are some of the things you can get at my store....

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